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Colorful Book Spines


A perfect transition to chapter books for your elementary schooler, this book club for beginners is full of entertainment and fun.  Encourage them to challenge themselves with longer and more riveting reads.

Book Of the Month

Tune into an all new read every month!  Readers can meet to discuss the book of the month privately with Megan "book club style."  We've picked some classics we know our junior readers will love.

Virtual Book Club

With private Zoom meetings once a week, your child can begin his or her first chapter books with a read aloud session that encourages them to keep reading on their own!  It is our hope that we will inspire them to love reading as much as we do.


Can I join?

The Pro Reader Club is for elementary students who are able to read chapter books in grades three, four, and five.  It is aimed at (but not restricted to) students ages 7-12.  We will provide optional enriching opportunities to further your child's understanding of the books they read.  All material and books will be age appropriate for readers in elementary school.

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Because of Winn Dixie




By Kate DiCamillo

Copyright 2000 by Candlewick Press

Enjoy a simply heartwarming story of newcomer Opal who can't seem to fit in after moving to small town Florida... until she meets a life changing dog

208 pages, and recommended for age 9-12 years

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