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Private Tutoring Services

Easy, Free, and Fun!

We believe that some students simply learn best when they have one-on-one attention and the focus is all on them.  With private tutoring, we can build on your child's skill sets and help improve what they are struggling with.  Without the ability to be in an actual classroom, our virtual classroom is the next best thing!  Whether you're looking for enrichment opportunities for your elementary schooler to learn or some help for your middle schooler who is having trouble in their classes, this is the option for you.


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Teacher Helping Student

Improve Weaknesses


Is your child struggling in  Algebra I, history class, or beginner levels of a foreign language? We have the help you need.


Request A Tutor

Have a specific tutor need or request?  Fill out our form to request a tutor.

What Subjects Do We Offer?

Math Formulas

Math Help  |  Megan Doucette


Math help for grades PreK-3

Counting & Numbers for Preschoolers

Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication Tips & Tricks

Beginning Division and Fractions

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