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Our Reading Program

We believe that even if your child is not in school, it is important for them to carry an appreciation for books and reading outside of the classroom.  No matter what level they are at, we can help improve your child's reading skills, encourage them to discover new books, and help them to comprehend the world around them.

We offer four sub levels to our reading program, with group Zoom sessions throughout the week and book recommendations.  There, we will read stories, offer book club sessions, and encourage your child to share their love of reading with their peers.  Is your child just beginning to read their first picture books?  We can help there too.  Our reading program accommodates everyone from first time readers to advanced students seeking a challenge.  

Avoid the "Summer Slump"

Summer is a time for imagination, play, and fun!  But giving your child a break from learning all summer can have its tradeoffs.  Our programs allow children to have fun and be creative while also making their education a priority. By the end of the summer, they will be ready to go back to school in the fall.

Bored No More

As parents, we're sure that your least favorite phrase to hear during quarantine is: "I'm bored." We hope that our reading program will keep your child entertained and free from boredom while keeping them away from the TV, iPad, and video games for a while. Even though they can't spend time with their friends right now, our group reading sessions offer social time with their peers for your child.

For Your First Time Reader

Help your little one grasp the concept of reading and find joy in hearing some of our favorite stories.


For Your Beginner

Grades Preschool-2

Ages 4+

Maddy & Megan's Book Club

Discover a way to connect online and dig deep into classic reads

with our virtual book club.  


For Your Advanced Reader

Grades 3-9

Ages 9+

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