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Fall 2020.

The Master Project Program

This fall, we want them to continue learning without piling on extra work while they go back to school... check out an opportunity that will make them want to learn and grow.

What Is a Master Project, Exactly?

This fall, Megan is taking online learning to the next level of fun, and encouraging kids to think outside of the box with a unique project designed by them.

Watch Our Master Project Webinar by Megan Doucette


Will Private Tutoring Continue?

The answer is yes... but spots will be need based.  Please save these time slots for students who are truly in need of help in a specific area or school subject.  For those who want an enrichment activity, the Master Project is your best bet!

Is My Child Too Young?

We can adjust the Master Project to be doable for even four and five year olds!  It is a custom project designed to meet each individual's needs.  The youngest students might need a bit more help from parents, but they can be involved!

How Much of a Time Commitment?

The Master Project is a time commitment of 40 minutes every other week on Zoom, and a bit of independent work on your child's part.  It is not as big of a time commitment as private tutoring, however we can adjust to meet the needs of each student.

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