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Top Five Reasons to Read with us on Zoom 


Keep your child engaged in reading during the summertime and avoid the "Summer Slide"


Allow your child to develop a love for reading and books


Give your child an excuse to take a break from technology for the summer!


Give your child the feedback, skills, and praise that they need to continue improving


Prepare your child for school next year, so that they are not only on track, but AHEAD!


We believe in the power of a book to change lives. Our reading program is all about engaging in stories that will help students to develop a true love for reading. We also hope that they will be able to grow as people and develop the skills needed to excel in school next year.

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As a part of Maddy and Megan's Book Club, our tutoring students will be able to strengthen their reading skills to take them to the next level.  We have all kinds of options for different ages and levels... picture books, chapter books, and something for everyone!  

We encourage kids to continue reading on their own at home, whether it is with parents or by themselves, and to carry a love for reading with them wherever they go.


Our book club is aimed at avid readers in grades 1-5 who hope to take their understanding of a book beyond the text: by talking to their tutors, digging deep into stories, and gather meaning from what they have read.


Here, material will be more difficult than during story time, and will include some difficult subject matters while generally remaining appropriate for elementary schoolers.  Zoom meetings one-on-one with your child will surround a discussion on the book of the month, however students members will be responsible for keeping up with reading on their own.  Our book club is for readers who like a challenge and can think outside the box.


Maddy and Megan's Book Club is recommended for (but not limited to) students ages 7+ due to content and level of difficulty.

We promise to choose hand picked books that contain valuable life lessons and only material that is middle school appropriate.  Material may be challenging in that it pertains to broader life concepts or difficult matters.   We will always consult you, the parents, for approval before selecting any book.

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