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Zoom is the free online video chat platform that our program is utilizing.  Because not all students have access to FaceTime or Skype, Zoom provides the best video chat option for our students.  We will use Zoom to conduct one-on-one sessions with your child and for group activities and meetings.  Your child likely already uses Zoom with their school as a result of COVID-19.  If you have any questions about Zoom, please feel free to contact us!

Creating a Zoom Account

Made Simple

Creating a Zoom account is simple: just visit their website and click "sign up."  You can sign in with your Google account or Facebook username.


Joining a meeting is simple with our tutoring program.  Just click "join meeting" once you have logged into your account.  Our tutors will email you a Meeting ID after you fill out our survey.  We can also text you with the ID if that is your preference.

Please take our Zoom survey attached below... we would love you know where you're at with Zoom so we can help you the best that we can!

Video tutorial: how to use zoom

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