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With the assistance of her best friend, Maddy Koehle, Megan Doucette started an online program for students struggling during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Using their love for learning and helping others, Megan and Maddy hoped.  They have successfully reached many children in their community and beyond during this unprecedented time in the world.

Though she is no longer a part of Maddy & Megan's Tutoring Club, Maddy Koehle was influential in starting the program.  Her kindness and many talents helped to make a great difference in students' lives.  The founder of the program, Megan Doucette hopes to continue tutoring and mentoring elementary students as she completes her final year of high school and beyond.


Founder and Lead Tutor

Megan is a State High junior who loves working with people, especially kids, and has a passion for learning.  She is especially excited to give advice about science, math, French, reading, and writing. She has experience with AP, honors, and advanced classes throughout her entire education experience at State College Area High School, and is a straight A student.  In her free time, Megan is a swimmer, a babysitter, and a lifeguard.  Her future aspirations include swimming Division I in college, majoring in biochemistry and French, and attending medical school to become a doctor.

(814) 933 6955


Former Assistant Tutor

Maddy is a junior at State High who enjoys spending time with family, swimming competitively, and reading. She is planning to go to nursing school and to swim at a Division 1 school. Maddy enjoys working with kids of all ages. Her favorite subject is English, but she is skilled in many subjects such as early-level Spanish, and higher-level of history and science. Maddy looks forward to her senior year of high school and hopes that she can help as many students as possible through this club. 

Maddy is no longer a tutor with our club, but was a vital part of starting our program and allowed us to connect with many students in the community!

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