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Zooming Through 2020

Can you believe it's already time for the 2020-2021 school year??


Check out our new blog made just for parents of elementary schoolers!

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Our Mission Statement

The coronavirus pandemic has meant an abrupt end to the school year for children in Centre County.  For many young students, this sudden loss of structure, support, and engagement that they once found in the classroom can be quite a challenge.  We are here to make sure your child has the help and support that they need to thrive academically, even if this means taking their education outside the traditional classroom setting.  An end to the academic school year should never mean your child has to stop learning or should go without the help he or she needs!  We're ready to make your child's online classroom experience easy, fun, and enjoyable.

Introducing Our Fall 2020 Program:

Megan's Tutoring Corner

Interested in Fall Tutoring?

Though we were sad to say goodbye to Maddy earlier this summer, Megan Doucette will be continuing our online Zoom tutoring program throughout the fall!  Only weekends and other specific times are available, so make sure to sign up quickly or to add your name to our waiting list!  Please note that appointments will be NEED BASED in order to give the students who are struggling priority! 

Children Arriving at School


This fall, Megan Doucette will continue offering online learning support via Zoom!  We know this is a challenging time for your young students, and still want to help. Appointments are available to reserve on our website!



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